How To Replace The Roof On Your Home

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rtrain67: Good question. I'm in the same situation right now and the guy wanted to slap a new roof over the old and it just felt bad. Glad I looked into it. What did you end up doing?

Lee Riley: "......his roof was over 20 years old". Huh? In Sydney I have done re-roofs on roofs that are pushing 50 years. God bless gal and zinc.

Drew's Roofing And Home Repair: Danny Love your videos dude. Love them. Wish i had the high tech video sort wear you have.

sami meazi: @dannylipford, hi Danny, I have question my house roof 34year old just purchased 2weeks so I try change it the guy told me he want do the new one on top of old one instead of take it off. What do u think?

P.J. Fitzpatrick: Was there any landscape protection done before starting the process? Great video by the way!

Today's Homeowner with Danny Lipford: I would not recommend putting a roof on top of a roof because it voids the warranty of the new shingles and adds unneeded weight to the roof structure.

Drew's Roofing And Home Repair: I personaly throw all my trash in a dumpster of trailor, Never on the ground
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How to Replace the Roof on Your Home