IHack Icloud Activation ID & Password V4 For IOS 7 X

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How to bypass iCloud activation screen on IOS 7 WORKS ON IPHONE 5 and 5S!
How to bypass iCloud activation screen on IOS 7 WORKS ON IPHONE 5 and 5S!
iCloud Removal Hack iOS 7.0.6
iCloud Removal Hack iOS 7.0.6

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Ajay Sarrowa: what about network

MySmolk: :))))

rildo barros da costa: mentira olha o cabo que esta plugado no iphone 4.......

awi multimédia: BODY, Can you tell us if the hacktivation can be done on iPhone 5 with the A6 chip..thx a lot

carlos bautista: I think,that I download that video only for the music ..xD

Mastana Dk: no service problem plz help me no network

frank ortiz: hi friend so i get this error : Ignoring unsupported device UNSUPPORTED... I do?

TheHouseForElectro: Where do you find the v4?

Kenneth truong: this dude is copy a video from someone on youtube he"s got no balls to show how to unlocked iphone 4 its very easy step to step to bypass ios7 guys

Miiguelzxtutoariales: amigo que programa usas link por favor sacame de un lio

Francisco Garcia: como se llaman la primera y la segunda musica

thanh thức: help me. i use iphone 4s fw 7.1

der getto: eso es falsooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Felipe Oyarzun: lo que esta en la descripcion es solo para el iphone 4, el preograma que usa en el video es totalmente diferente amigo podrias ayudarnos a todos subiendo el programa

Henrique Cruz: iphone 5s??

Andrei Rosu: Link please 

Ruji Ko: musik?

sbhk95: does this work on a iphone 4s?

Danilo Cavalli Imerglik: The software of the link is not the same video. No video screen shows a totally different software application downloaded. In the video it unlocks an iphone 5, the software downloaded only shows option iphone 4

Mokhtar Yousef: freak ur self ya man .. do u think every body stubbed ..!.. 

juancho gonzalez: download link please

carlocarlos martinez: yes its fakee.. dont exist v4

Dominik Remeika: petition http://www.change.org/petitions/r0bf0rdsn0w-get-ih8sn0w-to-make-a-bypass-an-icloud-activation-lock#share 

Bella Tomashpolska: It's not even his video. He posted it to get all the "not-so-smart" people's attention

Francisco e ortega: link not...........iHack icloud activation ID & Password v4 For iOS 7 x

Raghuveer Singh: iHack icloud activation ID & Password v4 For iOS 7 x plz send my mail id raghuveer97@gmail.com

arturo romeo: dont exist v4.. lol fakeeeeeeee fakeeee

ruqia jamdar: how do u get rid of the survey so annoying?? anyone and download it

Djamel Ahmed: Please send me the software I really need, I find myself with my iphone 4s and that block the activation, and apple does not want to help me. Djamel_bosse@hitmail.fr thank you: (

chu hong khanh: pls v4 Email chungocdiep1200@zing.vn

Валера Матвиенко: could you sent me the software to my email please texnoexpres@gmail.com

Mathoni Villegas: pls email me the program v4, mathonivillegas@yahoo.com

หาญ ชื้น: iHack icloud activation ID & Password v4 For iOS 7 x please email metex9150@gmail.com

sergio rocha: pls email me the program v4, iory_29@hotmail.com

skolton: Malware detected antivirus

Feliphe Cruz: another fake

khoem srean: good

janis broliss: smolk ! need to wait for bypass 

Prescilia Lalji: Does it work for a 5s? I really would like your programm prescilia007@hotmail.com thank you very much!

Scalamar: I love the music ;) Dj ..?

Philip Mignot: PLEASE PUBLISH V4 ;'( ..i have an iphone 5 , and i cannot bypass iCloud activation because of A5 .. PLEASE you are the most advanced hacker on this ihack on the whole internet and youtube ! :( could you send it to me pleaseeee !?? philippe.mignot@hotmail.fr i would really appreciate it !!! thanks ! 

qingrong an: could you sent me the software to my email please anqingrong@163.com

Michael MakingItWorkForMe Njoku: please email me to v4 version of the software @nghê Công email is mikenjoku90@gmail.com need as soon as possible

jheffrey balbalosa: please email me the v4 software i needed it badly for my iphone 4s.. sent it to hakune22@gmail.com.. thankis 

diego andres palomo alvarez: Se pueden usar las app con este proceso?

TheCharlyRamirez: SCAM

Tai master: pls V4 Email langkhach301@yahoo.com

anqingrong: where download link?
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iHack icloud activation ID & Password v4 For iOS 7 x