LG 840G - Downloading Free Games And Apps

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Nestor Fonseca: hey please check out my chanel and subscribe thank you (:

badgyrl310: I didn't see the download by ID link. How do you find that?

ezio schneider: how did u go on dat page if mine cant go on it

Alex Mitchell: this is fake i tried it

Alex Davidson: Minecraft????

Jack Juvland: Could you give me the link for the fruit ninja download?

CovertBrony: virtual java pad would be better if you toggle them on/off mode

CovertBrony: karatyboy what system poweres type your cell is?

CovertBrony: and if you are watching youtube on opera mini clear your cookies at least monthly otherwise all its going to do refreash the page

CovertBrony: i am aware that i have mispelled winrar but seirously i have downoad it to my lg840g

CovertBrony: download opera mini and use 2 windows the first window is to be used for umnet.com and the second for umnet.net that way you never have to use pc or any online device ever again also i have download winrawr app what does it do?

armymedic999: u can download them on pc just put the game file into the sd card marked other files folder

Jordan Coleman: Never mind about the id thing

Jordan Coleman: I need kik and does everybody use the same id

chubbie bunnie: Can you get instagram??!! Please please please answer I have been searching every possible website and cant find it! T_T

Liz Kate: Can i get minecraft or instagram?

Ricardo Whitehead: somebody show how to download kik messenger onto a tracfone please

Samurai Jack: Everytime i try to go into that umnet crap it says something like invalid address and im entering it in right. Please help!!!

CovertBrony: clayton savage it's at m.umnet.com

marsonic12: and can you help me on instagram ples everybody has it ecept me
LG 840G - Downloading Free Games and Apps 5 out of 5

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LG 840G - Downloading Free Games and Apps