Best Head Gasket Sealer For Headgasket Leaks

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Best Head Gasket Sealer For Headgasket Leaks
Best Head Gasket Sealer For Headgasket Leaks
BlueDevil can do what. Head Gasket Sealer
BlueDevil can do what. Head Gasket Sealer
Fixing Tough Head Gasket Leaks
Fixing Tough Head Gasket Leaks
How to test for a bad head gasket
How to test for a bad head gasket

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Gene Kelly: I have a 2002 Saturn SL1. I have NO coolant leaks-there is no mixing of coolant with the oil, or smoke. What i do have is an oil leak (the oil leaks externally, no leaks into cylinders). Can this be sealed with an additive?

Dale LaBounty: OMG Thank you so much for this video, I had a bad head gasket in my 02 Buick Rendezvous that the shop quoted me 2,400$$ to fix, but I watched this video. Went out and bought the k&w nanotechnology from Walmart for 18$ &followed your instructions and I'd say after the first 100 miles it started running better!! It was running so rough (I'm assuming from the miss in the firing) and it quit smoking, so I let it run its course, waited 500 miles as you said to. Then drained it all back out & refilled it with coolant, And bam all fixed!!! it's not overheating, no smoke, it has power again, I can't thank you enough!! Saved me 2400$$ Thank you thank you thank you!!

Jeremy Sumner: I have a 98 k1500 suburban 5.7. I get a white steam/smoke at start up. Not bad though. sometimes when it is parked or sitting on an incline it will plume. I haven't had to add coolant. the oil isn't milky, the plugs were worn properly when I changed them. do you think that this would be a solution? or could it be something else. I do know that the cats are gutted but would that cause the plume ?

pkinion1: my car only has loss of coolant symptom what else do I look for water is dropping from coolant recovery tank

Neil Armstrong: Correctly name your video, tard

Laura Munoz: please please show me the bottle...say the name again od the product

bandcamp killa: I have a 2010 ford Taurus my antifreeze mixes with my oil I know there's a crack gasket or something a mechanic changed the oil didn't drain the radiator but was no antifreeze in tank he poured blue devil in the coolant tank ran it for 35 minutes it didn't go all the way up but did over heat and mix not as fast the car still drives good no problem it's just mixing and over heating did he do something wrong

SuperLouie76: Would someone please explain the how and why driving my vehicle for 500 miles with only tap water in my coolant system won't damage my coolant components (radiator, water pump, etc.)? Wouldn't at least distilled water be less damaging? Thanks.

Shane Rhabb: When I start up my car it looks like I have a mix between white smoke and blue smoke. At low speeds and low rpms my car will let out a trail of bluish smoke. I still have to do a compression test but I think it might be my rings or valve seals that are going bad. What do you you think?

A Few Minutes With jman: Sir I have a confirmed head casket leak according to  my mechanic. I have a question that was not mentioned in this video or asked in a comment. Before adding and using  this product should the oil be changed? I do have anti freeze in the oil. Thanks in advance.

Margaret P. Clarke: what if I can't get the engine to run. I loaded the stuff into the radiator and kept trying to turn the engine over but nothing water still explosively blowing out the radiator.

James Peters: Hi,
 What's the opinion on the best head gasket repair product for a 93 Chevy straight 6? Definitely water in the oil. Overheats quickly. Positive it's the head gasket 90% or a cracked block 50%.

jjsiegal1: Just tried this started to overheat AT the end of 30 mins run through--???

Jenalin Balela: bars head gasket leak is better. just pour idle and let cool. it works and its better and easier to use. I used it.

SuperLouie76: Can this harm my vehicle if the head gasket is not causing my overheating? I've had everything replaced - thermastat, radiator, water pump, fan clutch, and had a compression test done that came back fine. I tried doing the combustion gas test on my own with the radiator and the color barely changed. Went from a dark blue to a little lighter blue. I am loosing coolant fluid, but there is no noticeable leak. The overfill bubbles when I stop driving and the overheat indicator goes up over halfway then drops back down. Sometimes the car will run hot while driving and other times it runs fine. The most noticeable issue is if I drive a long time say 50 miles or so as soon as I pull over the temperature gauge redlines, but no visible coolant leaks. Sometimes I can get back on the hwy and the guage will fluctuate between halfway and to the redline and other times the car cools back down once back on the hwy. After letting it sit overnight I open the radiator cap and I am about a 1/2 to 3/4 gallon low. Could this be a heater core issue as the heat doesn't seem to blow real hot when my van starts to run hot and one shop thought I had air trapped in the heater core. Or maybe something simple like a radiator cap? Could it be an issue with the water pump and the lower radiator hose connection as twice I've taken it back and the shops claimed where the lower radiator hose hooks to the water pump was loose. Yet I didn't see any coolant leaking. I am taking it back to the mechanic again as the running hot issue continues to persist and now the check engine light is back on. This is on a 2000 dodge van with a 5.9 liter engine. Many of the repairs we're no charge as they didn't fix the issue.

Last question: if I do try the sealer since I'm in Phoenix with temps in the 110's will I be able to drive around town without overheating running on just water? Is it better to use tap water or distilled water?

Much thanks,

Christopher Jackson: i just might need a whole new engine. Got the radiator replaced. Head gasket could be blown. Making a clicking noise Plus its still leaking out some where. I have a 93' Cadillac deville if anyone had some knowledge on these engines

350Zquicksilver: A neighborhood mechanic mentioned K&W also, stated it was better than BlueDevil.  But who knows whats best and what will work given all the factors involved, each situation is it's own experiment.  Your meethod is similar to the pour+go technique, that's fine if you don't have patients or time. I'm taking the slower route with hopes of a better result.  "Scotty Kilmer" success rate and technique similar to K&W's instructions seems like the safer choice. Fun times... GL out there everyone!

Joe Martinez: Hi Mr. Mechanic, would you please tell me who sells this product or if you have a pic of the product. The only product i found with a K is K sealer. Great Video by the way.

LINEHACKER: sealant kills cars
Best Head Gasket Sealer For Headgasket Leaks 5 out of 5

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Best Head Gasket Sealer For Headgasket Leaks