Best Top 6 Strategy Games 2013 (PC)

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Best Top 6 Strategy Games 2013 (PC)
Best Top 6 Strategy Games 2013 (PC)
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DominusOfficial: This was uploaded 1 week after the release of rome 2. I bet this guy didnt even play it for an hour before making this video.

Makv l - Top PC Games: Thanks for watching my first video guys

Valentin Coroama: Booo you put Age of Empires 2 on 1

tomas “Derzy” duio: No R.U.S.E it's a joke. Ruse its better than wargame his dead baby

Abdullah Obada: wargames the best

Altin Ademi: bitch please , CHESS .

bibotot1: WTF? Age of Empire 2. It brings back memories, so you put it at number 1? freak that.

SchwarzwolfGaming: Total War: Rome II is worse than Total War: Rome I and Company of Heroes II is worse than Company of Heroes I...

leonard toledo: id rather play command and conquer zero hor

Richnel abella: but that age of empire look bad 

Richnel abella: i have age of empire since now 

Anon Killamonjaromon: I think that Rome: total war was a far better game than the next one. I do and have always liked Age of Empires II though. I have played that game since I was 6 I think. The first rome game in the total war series had the best campaign by far for me. I just don't understand why they have complicated the building, the diplomacy or the managing of your city. Some of the ideas they had were good, but they don't seem to work that well.

Dean Lee: hehehehehehehe eee

Eric Argoni: did you really put rome 2 total war???? that game is a freaking joke. the best total war game ever is medieval 2 total war. everyone of the series is 10x better than rome 2. those bastards freaked up the best franchise on the PC good video thanks for sharing :-)

rangedboy970: civilization V!

Gibran Ricardo Escalante Jaquez: age of empires 2 es muy bueno pero incluso el age of empires 3 es mejor

TaZaZaZ chaba: AGREE

Majkic666: Citadels is in atop list in a good way? already stopped watching after seeing that

Mike Bowman: Cannot understand stand how AOE still sooo good lol brings back memories.
Best Top 6 Strategy Games 2013 (PC) 5 out of 5

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Rosu Cristian Vladut: ai si sa calculezi pe el?:?
Laura Rose: literally love everything here! especially the SM shoes! x
Danna Martinez: 1-) porque odian a bee de todos modos al fin paz para los autobots 
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puu fuu: やっぱり悟空かっこいいですね。

Scott Gray: I was a  proud owner of a green 89 Accord Coupe LXi with a matching spoiler.  Wish I still had that car.  Great memories.  Thanks for posting this.
Abbie Hoffman: More like the rise of a genocidal mad man!

Best Top 6 Strategy Games 2013 (PC)