How To Paint Countertops

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How to Paint Countertops
How to Paint Countertops
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Robin Redbreast: Thank you for making this video. I really need something done to my kitchen counter tops. Maybe this will work for me too.

Ingii Jansen: Hi they look great. Just wanted to know, my countertops have some scratches on them the previous owners did. Would that effect this product?

Julianna Tyler: Hey Dave, I too enjoyed your video but in the comment section I noticed a lot of questions but not a lot of answers. I also am wondering about the sandpaper as well as any top coat that you may or may not have used. Would love to see some of these questions answered. Thanx

Jane Garrison: To Txdave: We want to do this badly and want to mix the Spice color that you get from the Dk Base. I cannot find an accurate example of the color. What do you suggest? Also, how long did you wait between each coat and did you apply a poly coat or would you recommend one? I think I will have to special order this dk base. Thanks, Jane Garrison in GA

Alex Castellanos: did you put a protective coat or clear coat??

UltrawomanLiz18: Beautiful! You have the touch. And actually, that stuff is toxic- this is a project for fall or spring when you can air out the house. I read the materials sheet, it's full of a form of benzene, Naptha, and xylene. Which is what's needed to dissolve resins, and it's safe to use, just get some doors open once the last coat has set. If you feel dizzy or, really really good! go out for a minute for fresh air. These chemicals are intoxicants as well as solvents, just not intoxicants you want to use. It's glue sniffing or huffing to put it in familiar terms.

April Carico: Thanks for the video! But how many hours after the first coat did you apply your second coat?

Cheryl Hodgins (writeandwrong): Hi. Did you put any protective coat on top of your paint? Is it still working well?

Greg Harrison: Liked! Oh yea watch my video here

willowfree7: thanks for this video!  I had no idea counters could even be painted.  I know what my next project will be.  I love that sage/olive color too!

9437810: looks nice

9437810: who the heck is the camera person, moving so fast ???shheeeshh

Katy Henriksen: Nice! Thank you for this video!

Denise Collins: Thank you for sharing your  video.. I'm excited to try this on my countertops

5and 50: Your enthusiasm is infectious.

Tony Weatherington: What grade of sandpaper are you using? 115?

Dee: Looks good!

Andre Riggins: wow. that looks pretty darn good. I'm in desperate need of a change to my countertops. I think I may try this.

BernardJax: This was awesome, I wonder what other colors that Rustoliem paint comes in. Kinda excited about the amount of money I will save not replacing whole countertop!!
How to Paint Countertops 5 out of 5

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How to Paint Countertops