1998 Dodge 1500 Transmission Wont Shift Fix

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1998 Dodge 1500 Transmission Wont Shift Fix
1998 Dodge 1500 Transmission Wont Shift Fix
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Joshua Smiley: I have the exact problem in my 99 ram sport 4x4 with the 360. awesome video, but how do you adjust the bands?

husq48: Same on a 96 Ram 1500?

Gene Whitlock: I have a 99 ram 1500 2wd, quit shifting, I can shif manually but it will not shift by itself.  No codes set, do you think it would be the same problem?

Mikie Martinez: Awesome video man, I have a few questions if you don't mind? i have a 98 Dodge Ram 1500  2 wheel drive. mine wont shift out of 1st and at about 2000 rpms it loses all power and just revs up. do you think this might be my issue? i was also wondering if it could be my bands. or both lol, thanks

Davie Jones: Now this video is rockin! You know your stuff dude! I hate watching videos on here and learning a lot of nuttin! You cover exactly what I'm getting ready to do and even though it's an old vid I just bought a 1997 dodge dakota pick-up and it's not shifting right and I remember changing the solenoids on older cars and it's different today but the theory is the same. Thanks!

Mike777: Love to see people taking care of their Dodge Rams awesome.

26Thelaxdude: I have a 2001 2500 diesel. Doesn't seem to want to shift into 2nd. Stuck in first. Any ideas?

Patrick Goodyear: Hi, I found this video very helpful.  I have '98 Durango 5.9L that was having these exact symptoms.  It would shift fine except from 2nd to 3rd.  The transmission would "spin out" at higher revs in 2nd, and then shift to 3rd.  I have replaced the governor solenoid and sensor.  Now the problem is that the transmission shifts fine except that instead of "spinning out" at higher revs in 2nd, the transmission will stick in 2nd for several seconds, and then at higher revs it will shift to 3rd.  Also, if I back of the revs in 2nd the transmission will shift to 3rd.  When I changed the solenoid and sensor, the fluid was in excellent shape, looked almost new.

I've read about issues with the Throttle Position Sensor causing shifting issues, but that symptom seems to be RPM variation, which I don't have.  The other is the Transmission Output Speed Sensor.  If anyone has a suggestion on what to check, I would greatly appreciate it.

Andrew Bradberry: I have a 96 Dodge Ram 1500 4 by 4 v8 with the 318 engine (my truck won't spin a wheel to save a life feels to have lost power, and it high revs before shifting) would this be the same fix or do I need a new transmission?

ludysman: mine wont upshift from 1st. is this the same known cure?

Rene Rovira: i have the  same truck  and  i need to replace  governor pressure solenoid just   i want to know  if  the  solenoid is lock   or no t  lock 

Nate Chance: Ive got a dodge that shifts great but wont shift to 3rd gear is that what it is

Frank Glover: hi, i have a 98 ram w/360 automatic 2wd... my gears are all strong and dont slip but 1st to 2nd are rite on time and 3rd to 4th and then overdrive all is good.. my problem is 2nd to 3rd takes a long time and sometimes i let off gas and it will finally shift. trans. shop put it on computer and it said speed sensor. i changed the one on trans and the one on the rearend, still same. do you have any clues?

Codie Hayes: My truck won't shift out of 2nd gear. It high revs sometimes and also is very sluggish sometimes. Sometimes when I shut the truck off and start it back up, it's perfect and shifts fine even past 2nd. I replaced the governor pressure sensor transducer and solenoid. Still the same issue. Any suggestions? I'm thinking maybe another solenoid or sensor of some sort.

William Klug: what torque converter ? magnetized , overdrive or normal? how can you tell?

Jlnowland1: How can I tell w witch trans I have and were can I get the sensors? 

Carlos Leyva: I will post a video of mine and see if you can tell what is wrong. please.

warren d: What Was It Doing to decide this , I was driving mine then wouldn't go let sit for 30 min shift in reverse going to try drive here in few 
1998 Dodge 1500 Transmission Wont Shift Fix 5 out of 5

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1998 Dodge 1500 Transmission Wont Shift Fix