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veyron12020: this crap is slow as hell, my SINGLE vxl emaxx would leave this emaxx in the dust...something tells me your either too chicken to go full throttle or somethin wrong with your truck
mustangfo003: Thanks. I have been trying to get mine to work for a couple of days i was going to make a video of me breaking the remote. Thanks again.
Linah Samman: I've cut my self with an xacto knife befor ( and im 13 ) and it doesn't hurt that much its like you've just had a paper cut and I've cut my self with safety scisors befor when I was about 9 years old and I've cut my self with so many blades befor but I've never bean cut with a knife Good news for us !! 
Keegan Lynch: Nykefaller is good 
Serene Bower: can you put something like airbrush paint in it?
HDhack3r: You are the best tech reviewer on YouTube! Love all your videos!

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